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Located in the premises of the Palace of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ATI Consultants - HUB of Integrated Business Services aims to meet entrepreneurs through a complete package of financial and business-related services, combining both the skills, experience and expertise of the internal team as well as that of external partners and collaborators

The range of services is built in such a way as to cover a good management of financial and business resources both at the corporate level and at the personal level of each entrepreneur. Whether it's financial planning and analysis, investment management, digitization of accounting, access to EU funds, financial auditing or business brokerage, our team has the expertise and resources to help clients achieve their goals



Financial audit

Financial audit
Statutory financial audit – compliance with legal requirements.
Financial audit on request – verification of financial statements

Internal Audit
Evaluation of the entity’s controls in order to increase the efficiency of the organization.
Protecting the patrimonial elements of the entity.

European funds audit
Ensuring the requirements of the contracting authority by verifying the eligibility of expenses.


Financial planning and analysis

Financial analysis
Analysis of the profit and loss account. Balance sheet analysis. Determination of financial indicators and their analysis.

Cashflow analysis
Analysis and tracking of cash flows (Cash flow)

Banking financial analysis indicators
Determination and interpretation of financial indicators used in credit/financing procedures…

Budgeting models and their tracking.

Investment management
Business plan Feasibility study


Consultancy for accessing European funds

  • Preliminary consultation on business financing opportunities
  • Analysis of applicant eligibility / compliance
  • Preparation of the financing file
  • Elaboration of the project’s indicative budget
  • Drafting the business plan necessary to access European/national funds
  • Drafting the funding application in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding Applicant’s Guide
  • Submission of the financing file in accordance with the provisions of the Applicant’s Guide
  • Assistance in signing the financing contract and preparing all the necessary documents
  • Consultancy and assistance during the implementation of the project (authorization operations, certifications, public procurement procedures, drafting and designing requests for the release of financial allocation, notifications, appeals and correspondence in accordance with the provisions of the Applicant’s Guide; progress reports, etc. )
  • Project post-implementation assistance
  • Other necessary related services provided by our collaborators (legal services, technical expertise, feasibility studies, etc.)



  • Web Design
  • Custom applications
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Call Center Infrastructure
  • VoIP as a Service
  • DTP, photo editing
  • Video, audio editing
  • Infrastructure projects
  • ERP implementation consultancy
  • Specifications
  • Feasibility studies


Tax advice

  • Indirect taxes
  • Customs duties and international trade
  • Transfer Prices
  • International mobility services
  • Labor law and wages
  • Services dedicated to individuals
  • Fiscal assistance mergers and acquisitions
  • Fiscal incentives for research and development
  • Fiscal compliance management
  • Litigation and tax disputes
  • Local taxes and fees


Digitization and process automation

Automation of financial reporting
Software solutions that reduce manual data entry and improve accuracy

Financial analysis tools

Advanced financial analysis tools that enable faster and more accurate analysis of financial data

Optimization of financial processes
Automated workflows and integrated software


Business brokerage

Business valuation: Determining the real value of the business, by using various models, adapted to the level of the business and the field of activity, taking into account, at the same time, its growth potential.

Marketing and Advertising: Drawing up a marketing strategy to promote the business, using an optimal range of channels such as online listings, direct contact and networking.

Due Diligence: Carrying out a due diligence report, focused on the essential matters of the business, in order to verify the accuracy of the financial records and the legal situation of the business, as well as to identify major potential risks and, where it is possible, of ways to mitigate them.

Negotiation and structuring of the agreement: Involvement in the negotiation process as well as the structuring of the sale/purchase agreement.


Outsourced CFO

Development of the financial strategy
Developing a comprehensive financial strategy that aligns with their business goals and objectives.

Financial planning and analysis
Creating detailed financial forecasts and analyzing financial performance to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Cash flow management
Effective management of cash flow and ensuring the existence of the necessary funds for the continuation and development of the business.

Financial reporting and analysis
Preparation of financial reports and detailed analyses.

Budgeting and cost control
The development and management of budgets, as well as the implementation of cost control and optimization measures.


Consultancy for individuals

Investment analysis:
We will perform a comprehensive analysis of the client’s investment portfolio, including an assessment of risk, asset allocation and performance.

Investment planning:
We will work with the client to develop a customized investment plan that takes into account their financial goals, risk tolerance and investment timeline.

Allocation of assets:
We will help the client determine the optimal mix of asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash to achieve their investment goals.

Selection of investments:
We will identify specific investment opportunities that align with the client’s objectives and risk profile.

Monitoring and rebalancing the portfolio:
We will continuously monitor the client’s investment portfolio and adjust asset allocation as necessary to maintain the desired level of risk and return.

Performance reporting:
We will provide regular reports on the performance of the client’s investment portfolio, including an analysis of returns and fees.


Financing structures

Bank financing
Optimal working capital and/or investment financing solutions

Trade flow financing
Caps and facilities for issuing letters of credit and/or letters of bank guarantee.

Alternative financing of working capital

Private equity
Specialized investments and/or financing

Structured financing
Financing of complex projects


Legal advice

We will be by your side assisting you with the establishment, negotiation and drafting of the company’s documents, the establishment of governance and compliance rules. We’ll help you navigate the legal landscape to ensure your company structure is sound and operations are compliant with applicable regulations.

They will provide you with all the necessary support to realize the project, regardless of whether you are in the position of buyer or seller. We will assist you in the preliminary analysis, conducting legal due diligence, negotiations and post-merger integration, ensuring that your M&A transactions are legally sound and strategically advantageous.

Our team will be with you step by step, in the effort to obtain financing for the projects you want to develop. We will assist you in structuring financial arrangements, managing regulatory requirements and mitigating financial risks for your projects. We will also assist you in the negotiation of financing contracts and related guarantees.

We can provide you with legal support for your company’s operations. We draft and negotiate commercial contracts, assist you in protecting intellectual property and can provide you with expert guidance on the important legal aspects of your day-to-day business. We can also represent you in the case of commercial law disputes.

We understand the importance of the workforce for your company and, as a result, we offer assistance regarding the drafting of individual and collective employment contracts, internal regulations, but also regarding the termination of individual employment contracts, individual or collective dismissals. In addition to these, we can offer you legal assistance in matters of social dialogue and in relations with trade unions. We can also represent you in case of labor disputes.

Our tax law experts have the expertise to navigate the complex world of taxation. We assist you in optimizing your tax strategy, ensuring compliance with ever-changing legislation and effectively resolving, as the situation allows, tax challenges.


Environmental consultancy and audit

Environmental audit
– analysis of the current situation, recommendations and advice in the implementation and maintenance of a functional management of the environmental system.


Management of the integrated environmental system
– carrying out operational activities in the environmental field, which are permanent and mandatory according to legal provisions.


Legal compliance regarding environmental obligations and reporting
– ensuring authorization, reauthorization or environmental agreements, based on specific regulatory acts.


Consultancy and representation in control
– assistance in the preparation of the documentation requested in the case of thematic controls and representation before public institutions, with duties in the field of the environment.


Compliance with financial obligations to environmental institutions
– analysis, calculation and information on periodic financial obligations, depending on your field of activity.


Corrective maintenance and work procedures
– the implementation and continuous updating of the operational workflow, in order for you to effectively fulfill your environmental obligations, fully, correctly and on time.


Insurance consultant

Personalized consultation
for the development of an insurance program adapted to the individual needs of clients.

Analysis and evaluation
of the current insurance portfolio.

Specialized assistance
in handling claims and dedicated representation of clients in the event of a claim.

Business Insurance

  • Buildings and goods insurance
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Construction insurance – assembly
  • Transport insurance
  • Car fleet insurance
  • Art Insurance
  • Financial loss insurance
  • Health insurance for employees
  • Credit insurance and guarantees
  • Other insurances

General Insurance

  • RCA Insurance
  • CASCO insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Pension insurance pillar III
  • Life insurance
  • Other insurances


Commitment of ATI Consultants

  • Quality services
  • Long-term relationships
  • Transparency
  • Customized approach
  • Financial training


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Our team

Irina Popescu

Consulting European funds

Andrei Stoica

Consulting and environmental audit

Alexandru Capota

Consulting European funds


Andrei Perianu

Consultancy for individuals

Alexandru Bejan

Insurance consulting

Șerban Buliga

Business Inteligence IT

Robert Suditu

Software Development (Web/Desktop/Mobile)

Iulian Negruțiu

Fiscal Audit/Financial Audit/Transfer Pricing

Mircea Corneliu Petrea

Web Design / IT Infrastructure / Telecom / Media

Andreea Constantin Stan

Financial intermediation for Individuals and SMEs


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